Surya Insurance Company, Inc. RRG is a Risk Retention Group which offers commercial automotive liability insurance for the commercial auto and livery industry.  Surya Insurance Company Inc. RRG utilizes established risk management strategies and programs to reduce the insurance cost for specialized transportation risks such as public livery, limousines and Ride Share programs supported by reinsurance partners.

Surya Insurance Services is the Program Administrator for Surya Insurance Company Inc. RRG, licensed on January 8th, 2019 under the Federal Liability Risk Retention Act of 1986.  Specializing in primary liability and property damage coverage, Surya Insurance Company can provide you with an immediate quote at competitive rates.  Domiciled in Alabama, with its respected insurance department and business friendly environment, Surya Insurance Company is staffed with expertise in all disciplines.

With our established risk management protocol, we can reduce insurance cost for specialized transportation such as, public livery, taxicab, limousines, commercial ride share. Using one simple online platform, Surya Insurance Company gives you access to some of the most responsive commercial auto insurance rates on the market today, and we are individually underwritten. Have confidence that the business YOU built is covered by a company that understands your business insurance needs! Whatever your commercial insurance needs are, Surya Insurance Company Inc. RRG can design a plan that is right for you. Surya RRG protects its balance sheet with the use of A rated reinsurance.

Surya Insurance Company Inc., RRG
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