About US :-

  • Surya Insurance Company (SIC), Inc. RRG offers commercial automotive liability insurance for the commercial auto industry
  • SIC’s efficient & knowledgeable team can promptly provide you with competitive quotes
  • Our credibility and risk-capacity are further strengthened by our reinsurance partners
  • SIC specializes in primary liability & property damage coverage
  • Our versatile commercial automotive liability insurance business model caters to:
    1. public livery;
    2. limousines;
    3. NEMTs;
    4. and other non-trucking vehicles

Our Establishment :-

  • Under the Federal Liability Risk Retention Act of 1986, Surya Insurance Services (SIS) is the Program Administration for SIC Inc. RRG on January 8th, 2019
  • Owing to its business friendly environment, SIC is domiciled in Alabama

Why US?

  • Surya Insurance Company (SIC), Inc. RRG’s sophisticated risk management protocol enables us to minimize insurance costs for our clients
  • Our e-platform gives you access to some of the most responsive commercial auto insurance rates on the market today
  • All quotes are individually underwritten by our team of underwriters; we aim to truly understand your business model to most effectively insure your operations and vehicle

Surya Insurance Company Inc., RRG
608 Fifth Ave Suite #901
New York, NY 10020
Email: info@suryainsrrg.com